Growing Clarkston

Clarkston needs to grow and to attract new businesses and residents, while at the same time building housing that permits it to stay affordable for all of its current and future residents to live in.

I supported the development of tiny homes, and also support permitting the development of accessory dwelling units, or "mother-in-law suites", similar to what the City of Atlanta has done. Clarkston should encourage the development of housing at all price points so that current and future residents can continue to have affordable places to live, and to ensure that Clarkston businesses will have a steadily increasing stream of local customers, so that they can continue to grow.

Clarkston should also work to encourage more food trucks and food carts, including by simplifying the permitting process, so that Clarkston's diverse food scene can attract more visitors to its downtown.

Moreover, Clarkston should consider revamping its zoning code to encourage multi-use development, with both retail and housing, in downtown Clarkston.


Safer Clarkston

I support a citizen's review board for Clarkston to provide more community feedback to, and involvement with, police, as well as an external check in the event that there is ever an incident with the police that requires outside review.

I also support investigating potentially expanding the police force. As Clarkston has expanded through annexation, and continues to consider further annexation, it may need additional police officers patrolling the streets in order to keep residents safe.

Additionally, I support investigating traffic calming measures particularly in residential neighborhoods, to make sure that our neighborhoods are safe from speeding cars. 


Clarkston Should Welcome All

One of the great strengths of Clarkston is its diversity and its welcoming nature to all, particularly refugees who come to Clarkston from all over the world. I supported Clarkston's resolution not to cooperate with ICE in its deportation of immigrants, and I will continue to support welcoming immigrants and refugees to Clarkston. Clarkston and America should remain a land of opportunity, where anyone can come to have a better life and seek to fulfill the American dream.